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By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Public demonstrations do regularly take place. You should avoid all demonstrations and take extra care at public gatherings. Policing of these events may include road closures. The situation in Kyiv and other areas outside Donetsk and Luhansk is generally calm.

CIS White Pages: People Search for Free in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazahstan, Latvia, Moldova

In Kyiv, the areas around Maydan Nezalezhnosti Independence Square and government buildings such as the Verkhovna Rada parliament building and the National Bank of Ukraine are most frequently affected. Pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the media for information about possible safety or security risks. You should avoid demonstrations and public gatherings, as even peaceful protests may turn violent.

Violent video: Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building

The security situation in the southeastern parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine remains highly unstable with ongoing clashes between Ukrainian armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists. The UN calculates this has resulted in over 10, deaths and approximately 1. Civilians continue to get caught up in the fighting. If you travel to eastern Ukraine to fight, or to assist others engaged in the conflict, your activities may amount to offences against UK terrorism or other legislation and you could be prosecuted on your return to the UK.

Russian forces and pro-Russian groups have established full operational control in Crimea. Following an illegal referendum on 16 March , Russia illegally annexed Crimea on 21 March and tensions remain high. All train and official bus services to Crimea have been cancelled.

To enter or exit Crimea, foreign nationals will need to provide their passport and a special permit issued by the territorial body of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The European Union has imposed restrictions on economic relations with Crimea following its illegal annexation by Russia. These restrictions apply to all UK people and companies and include an import ban, a full ban on investment and a prohibition on supplying tourism services in Crimea. Exports of further key goods for certain sectors are also banned. The Crimean sea ports of Kerch, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Yalta and Yevpatoria have been designated by the Ukrainian authorities as closed to international shipping.

Most visitors to Ukraine experience no difficulties. Serious crime against foreigners is relatively rare, but incidents do occur. In some cases attacks have been racially motivated. Travellers of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent and individuals belonging to religious minorities should take extra care. You should report any incidents to the police by dialling A list of local translators is available on the British Embassy website.

Be alert to the possibility of street crime and petty theft, which is on the increase in Kyiv. Foreigners may appear to be lucrative targets. Where possible, avoid walking alone late at night in dark or poorly lit streets. Keep valuables and cash safe and out of sight, especially in crowded areas, tourist spots, and public transport, where pickpockets and bag snatchers operate.

Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

A common scam is to drop a wallet or bundle of money in front of a tourist. If you are approached in this way, you should walk away without engaging in conversation. Some British nationals have reported being charged inflated prices in bills from bars, cafes and restaurants. If you have any concerns, take care to confirm the price before ordering and check the bill and receipt against the price of ordered items from the menu. Theft of and from vehicles is common. Unregulated taxi drivers can overcharge. In addition, there are those who arrived in Ukraine from other former Soviet republics after the collapse of the USSR who do not hold any nationality due to conflicting nationality laws or gaps in nationality legislation.

Around 10 per cent of them do not have passports or birth certificates. Nevertheless, Ukraine has not yet established a functioning statelessness determination procedure in order to identify and grant full protection to stateless persons on its territory. Between June and June , UNHCR and its NGO partners implemented projects on the elimination of statelessness providing legal assistance to 1, stateless persons or persons at risk of statelessness in Kyiv, Odesa, and Zakarpattia regions.

Those assisted received information related to establishing identity, acquisition or confirmation of nationality, and some were issued passports or acquired Ukrainian nationality. Learn more about life in Ukraine Where to live Where the best schools are How to do your taxes Ask experienced expats in Ukraine. Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Ukraine This Eastern European country was greatly affected by the communism of Stalin, but has managed to keep some of its own cultural customs, such as traditional textiles and Eastern Slavic architecture.

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